Abode2 Volume 2 Issue 49:
Inside Out

With a unique take on the design process, Morpheus & Co. bring an innovative edge to their projects. Julia Millen spoke to founder, Andrew Murray, for a deeper insight into how they work.

Tell us about Morpheus & Co’s philosophy?
At Morpheus & Co. we take an anything-but-ordinary approach to every project – combining our creative flair and quality of delivery with ensuring we add value for our clients. Our approach is underpinned by the core ethos that objective collaboration in design is fundamental to a project’s success.

You work on many global projects; is there a common theme that connects the designs?
Sustainability and the ethics of design are considered at
the outset of every project at Morpheus & Co., and both principles are definitely the common themes that connect all of our designs – we make conscious choices, centred around responsible procurement, experiential design, community and wellness. Our approach also extends to the development and hospitality partners we work with, ensuring that their values on sustainability are aligned with ours. 

Where do you find inspiration?
We take a bespoke approach to each and every project, so the source of inspiration varies from project to project – whether it be it location, heritage, nature, wellness or sustainability. For example, at Six Senses Residences Les Bordes we take inspiration from the surrounding woodland, forest and greenery to create a design that enabled visitors to fully immerse themselves in the landscape. At our latest hospitality project, Café Volonté, we took inspiration from the brand’s sustainable ethos, with a focus on repurposing materials, such as a terrazzo bar countertop made from post-industrial waste.

How has the design landscape changed since Morpheus & Co was founded 25 years ago?
The importance of sustainability in design has now become an integral consideration in the design landscape – with clients increasingly aware of their environmental impact and that of their developments. In turn, designers are taking their eco responsibilities far more seriously, considering how to create beautiful spaces that don’t compromise on sustainability or ethics.

We are constantly positioning sustainability as not only
the right choice, but the only choice, and we start all of our projects with an awareness of our potential carbon footprint and actively seeking suppliers that share these values. We are lucky that now there is also a far wider choice of materials at our disposal – including more eco-conscious options such as fabrics woven from plastic ocean waste.

What’s next for the company?
2022 is already proving to be a very exciting year for us, as we continue to expand our reach into Europe, as well as work on a range of global luxury hospitality projects.

For example, we recently unveiled our latest hospitality project, Café Volonté – a new café and fitness space centred on inclusivity and balance in the heart of South Kensington. We are also continuing to work on several further hospitality projects, including a hotel in Egypt, alongside Six Senses Residences Les Bordes in France, where we are working on the F&B village, spa and amenities, as well as the design for the branded residences themselves. Throughout 2022, we will also continue steps to becoming certified by Positive Luxury – something we are keen to do to reinforce our commitment to sustainability and its social and environmental impact.

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