Co is for Conscience (Sustainability)

The philosophy of design is changing at an exponential rate driven by evolving expectations and demands of the consumer, whether experiential or through social responsibility.

We are passionate about sustainability, not just as a brand, but also as individuals. We are at a pivotal point in human history now. Climate change is accelerating and we are feeling the effects of it – in the changes to our air, sea levels and weather. The need to act to protect our planet has never been so urgent, and it is our mission to promote radical changes to the way we design so that we can continue to call this planet home for generations to come. Our design ethics are conscious choices with responsible procurement, experiential design, community and wellness at their core.

Co is for Collaboration (Alive)

One of the cornerstones of Morpheus’ social responsibility is to give the opportunity to sectors of society that wouldn’t ordinarily have access to the design and build industry.

Co is for Community (St Giles)

We are proud to support the St Giles Trust, a charity that empowers people held back by poverty, abuse, exploitation, addiction issues, mental health problems and crime to progress towards positive futures. We are actively involved in the pro-bono redesign of their HQ and outreach centre and championing the stakeholders involved in the project to provide work placements to those that the Trust supports.

Co is for Communication (Volunteering)

Our ethos at Morpheus & Co is to encourage our team to spread positivity and make a difference wherever possible. Volunteering creates a sense of purpose, reduces stress, and releases happy, rewarding hormones; this helps to revitalize and realign focus within a team environment. We have a volunteer scheme in place, allowing the team to take time out of their busy schedules to reconnect with communities and offer their support and skills wherever possible.

Upcoming volunteer projects…

-       **Contact a local London design school (e.g. UAL – and offer a talk with one of the senior designers)**

-       Charlotte to take part in National Beach Clean Week on behalf of the Morpheus Team at West Wittering Beach in West Sussex. The Great British Beach Clean is a fantastic cause which encourages the collection and recording of rubbish on Britain’s beaches to establish research into the habits of beach goers and how to reduce litter. It also helps to protect local wildlife and is a great excuse to enjoy the beach in the remaining weeks of Summer!

-       Any others???